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1/2 an Hour Positive Wins & Viral Videos Compilation 2015

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WINARMY! Best Win and Viral Videos untill October 2015 . Guys, here is another compilation of amazing videos which I carefully chose for you. Enjoy and leave your thoughts below…

In this edition:

-Children narrowly escape as train collides with school bus
-Donkey having a nap in a hamack
-Swimming with dogs
-Sensitive dude becomes a father
-Red bull on the streets
-Greedy Black Cat
-The monkey is a drunk
…and many more!

Music Mix:

1. One Republic – Apologyze (Mike Wit Remix)
2. Just Kiddin ft. Matt Lappin – Thinking About You (Kids Want Techno Remix)
3. Kiso ft. Ashton – Wait
4. Oleska & Boysenberry – Manawa
5. Cat Power – Satisfaction (LCAW Remix)

About the channel:

WinArmy is the world’s first source for win compilations and positive viral videos. Powered by submissions from people around the world. WinArmy delivers the best epic wins, funny animals, amazing nature, sport and science videos from around the world, every single day. Try not to be amazed when watching our top wins of the month, seasonal specials, and, of course, the weekly “Wins of the Week” compilations, the WinArmy has got you covered for your daily dose of the positive viral videos that will make you feel happy!

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rforganica says:

Shit music.couldnt watch to the end

Grzegorz Karwacki says:

Modjo – lady at 31:55 anybody know this version name??


despite all the negative comments , I personally thank you for the video….my girlfriend is 8 months pregnant and today is our baby shower….I woke up today feeling very depressed and anxious and I don't know why…. then i watched this and the first video (and the others) got me vibin out. thanks yo!

Kaspars Vavere says:


Scott Deerwester says:

At 22:29 there's an exceedingly strange segment with a guy with what looks like nine arms and no legs laying on his back waving his arms around. And at 23:00 there's a woman sitting in a car, with the exhaust from her car piped into the passengers compartment via a dryer exhaust pipe. What on earth are these doing in a "positive wins" video?

jmdpaintball says:

let the original sound of each it ruined all what you done

smutfunk says:

what was that bomb exploding @ 15:26 or was it a ufo?

UHH... MY NAME IS ED. says:

Does not win at attempting to mix song tracks…

wayge says:

a dog dressed as a lion is a win? i always thought it was a costume

Вова Тюликов says:

why sound it's too bad.i hear 2 songs and it hurts my ears…yeak

dschreiber100 says:

Since when is giving a chimp a cigarette a win? I think not!

Konezz says:

this is wins? umm… okay

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