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10 Unknown Facts About Major Dhyan Chand | Viral Sports Special | Viral Mojo

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10 Unknown Facts About Major Dhyan Chand

India celebrated National Sports Day on August 29, marking the birth anniversary of Hockey wizard Major Dhyan Chand

On the occasion, Viral Mojo presents few interesting facts about him

1. Dhyan Singh’s co-players gave him the name ‘Dhyan Chand’ as he used to practice under the moonlight (Chand)

2. In the finale of 1936 Olympics, against Germany, he removed his spiked shoes in the second half and played barefoot

3. A flag-bearer in the Olympics, the same year, Dhyan fearlessly refused to salute Adolf Hitler

4. The Netherlands authorities broke his hockey stick once, to check if there was a magnet inside

5. After watching him play, cricket legend Sir Don Bradman told Dhyan Chand that ‘he scores goals like runs’

6. Dhyan once argued on measurement of goal post, which was a contravention under international rules; amazingly, he was right!

7. He scored over 400 goals in his career spanning 22 years

8. Adolf Hitler offered German citizenship to Dhyan besides the rank of Colonel in military, but he refused

9. Dhyan Chand lost a tooth when he collided with German goal keeper Tito Warnholtz in 1936

10. Dhyan Chand’s statue in Vienna of Austria has 4 hands and 4 hockey sticks, depicting his mastery in the game


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