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12 Cutest Must See Viral Animal Videos

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Aww, from Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard playing kitty cat to Massaging a hedgehog here are 12 Cutest Must See Viral Animal Videos.

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6 – Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard playing kitty cat!
This video has renowned youtube fame, his youtube page known as Keyboard Cat has over 800,000 likes and his own youtube channel. The story goes that the fluffy little orange tabby was a rescue from a shelter which is always inspiring, his youtube channel even includes links to Shelter Pet Project and shelter adoption sites. The original youtube smash hit of this lovable feline strumming away on a keyboard in a cute blue shirt has over 46 million views and with a styling of many other videos wherein this little furry musician plays a variety of other instruments.

5 – Massaging a hedgehog
The best part about this massively cute viral animal video? That pseudo relaxing music featured in the background of course. When this little furry guy who loves pets and adoration, don’t we all, first premiered on the interwebs it was the first of its kind and made many overcome with cuteness overload syndrome, however now you can find a million and a half videos of hedgehogs getting massaged and rubbed all over.

4 – Ticklish Slow Loris
Her name is Sonya and apparently she really loves a good tickle, the little furry tickle loving lorax has been featured in a bunch of youtube videos and has millions of views under her adorable belt. Even one video which shows the slow loris eating wiggling squirming bugs is still super cute. Slow Loris are a group of nocturnal primates found primarily in Southeast Asia and sadly has been listed on the endangered red list. Little Sonya can be found on several News channels which mainly focus on how cute the elusive creatures are as well as some dangered with keeping an exotic animal. But with a new youtube channel entitled Slow Loris Channel with a little domestically bred asian slow loris eating a riceball, eating a banana and being brushed it seems like the internet has deemed these creatures too cute not to oogle.

3 – Surprised Kitty
Her full name is Attila Fluff, attila like the Hun because she is a fierce and her surname fluff refers to how fluffy and adorably cute she is. This absolutely devastatingly cute fluffy furball premiered to the internet world in 2009, and made seven million views in her first two weeks, today, the original youtube video is over 77 million and still counting. This adorable clip which has gone viral to the extreme was even featured in a tiny clip in the film We’re the Millers.

2 – Boo
Boo is billed as the cutest dog in the entire world, and judging by this pup’s massive popularity, they just might be right. This fluffy little adorable furball currently has his own blog, facebook page where he has earned over 17 million likes, has one book Boo Little Dog in the Big City which stars the super cute fluffy teacup pomeranian in a picture book story telling of a day out with lots of adorable outfits in tow, the book is currently on sale for 12.95. Boo also has his own instagram account which is off the charts with all kinds of delightfully sweet little jackets, coats, printed shirts and all manner of cutsey wutsey poses. Boo even has another book which promises to hit stores soon, this time a video with Boo and his brother Buddy in santa hats running around santa and sitting on his lap. This teddy bear looking pup even has his own line of toys and his website offers a free Boo Halloween mask and his own facebook stickers available for downloading and has appeared on everything from Good Morning America to Anderson Cooper 360.

1 – Go Go Meower Rangers!
This one absolutely tops this list without question, this one is so cute I lost my senses a bit. And it combines everything a loving childhood memory with all out cuteness, the mighty morphin power rangers and kitty cats! It’s officially billed as five felines with cattitude morph into Power Rangers and use their extraordinary abilities to defend their furry friends from evil! And showcases the kitties in classic power ranger outfits and silly lip synced dialog. The video has several million views on youtube and just in case you haven’t seen it, you will not be disappointed


Ismail Ismailov says:

Only pictures with a woman is telling crap…

Siris Rangabhasm says:

not a chipmunk . a prairie dog

Gaming Candy says:

Talking Husky: I WUV WOU

kimberly longman says:

ALVIN!!! And the……….CHIPMUNKS!!

antonela bakavic says:

btw…..it us creepy to make stupit countdown without even showing the actual videos. 30second lost for nothing

antonela bakavic says:

why it would be creepy??? no11

DreamKiller 33 says:

I thought they were going to show the video but I was tricked. ;-;

EmojiDuDe101 says:

I have a poster of boo and he's wearing shorts and goggles and it says boo the world's cutest dog

DistantxR says:

I'm glad I'm not the only one who knows, tickling the slow loris is torturing it. It's a defense mechanism, and strictly only that. It's a nightmare for them. But let's just keep making it seem okay by making videos like this. People buy them just to "tickle" them. they have a campaign to end the tickle nightmare. Way to show people how cute it is..

RainPlayz - Minecraft and more! says:

Gabe the Dog? Anyone?
No? Ok, he died anyways.. 🙁

Casey Speaks says:

You guys are REALLY dropping the ball. Show the damn videos and quite yakkin' already. The title is fake click-bait. Shame on you.

"You used to be cool. Now, you da FOOL."

rolf sinkgraven says:


Kobez X says:

What do you call an elephant that has nothing to do with the sentence?



oh,I'm the only one laughing.

Forever Alone.

This is why i dont have friends.

I cry every time.

St1_1ffed Gaming says:

The reason why huskies seem to talk is because they can't bark they can only howl so they try to bark but they cant

captainultimo0001 says:

so let's just talk about the videos and not play them. you're already getting the money for their work and none of your own.

myJetA1 says:


xxcommentator says:

Would've been nice if you showed actual videos of them…

Steven David Parker says:

Please Please Please can you remove the Slow Loris from this rundown as What is actually happening in this video is TORTURE. THe Slow Loris is a creature that has venom glands within its arms that it holds up to drain into its mouth in odrer to bite and infect waht it feel treatened by. The Slow Loris pet trade has been responsible for this video becoming such a huge hit but it is a cruel trade which often has the teeth and claws of the animal being removed/cut with pliers without any sedation at all ( to make them safe to handle)
PLEASE STOP SHOWING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenee V Famhoite says:

It would be nice if u play the videos instead of talking

A random Battle brother says:

Number 12 isn't a chipmunk it's a prairie dog

•Meep Merp• says:

Loved it!!!

Whiteclaw Cat says:

Mishka the talking husky is a female and adorable

evbb says:

Hey guys, watch this video containing pictures of other video's.

Accidental music says:

the best one is the dachshund with the light Roman candle running around in the back yard in its mouth.

skeletondude says:


jesse haaland says:

Katie Perry is a viral squirrel

the Kawaii Kittycat says:

OMG I need to see number 8!!

mildrich ricohermoso says:


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