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Puns.  You know they’re funny, even as you pretty much turn yourself inside out cringing at them. You can’t help it. It seems like the worse they are, the funnier they become. So we’ve collected [More]
For all the 9-5ers and yes, even on the weekends, who missed some of the best news facts and tidbits of the day – this episode of the POLIT’AI CHI: A heated exchange on “All [More]
Is your data safe? Fox News: Cavuto on Business Fox News Fox News Insider: The Official Live Blog of Fox News Channel Fox News Live Wall Chat Fox News Tweets [More]
Obama’s Half Brother headed A Very Shady Charity Operated Illegally For Years Was Fast Tracked Rpt: IRS Handing Out $62 Million In Bonuses Amid Targeting Scandal – Forbes On Fox ==============================­=========­=­=== **Please Click Below to [More]
Holly Paz Was The Person That Had To Be With Employees As The Were Being Interview!!! Wake Up America Obama Admin Is Lying To America!!! IRS Controversy – Source: Agency Replaces Another Manager – “Where [More]
Click [ ] to watch Deutschland 83 season 1 episode 1 free Detail TV Deutschland 83 episode Quantum Jump IMDB ID : tt4445154 Title : Deutschland 83 Air Date : 2015-06-17 Crew : Alexander [More]
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Hide your kids! Hide your wife! Lock up the stale bread! The ducks are coming and they appear to have forgotten how to fly! We’ve all waited for a seemingly endless trail of ducklings following [More]
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“Survival of the fittest.” According to science, that’s what happens in the animal kingdom. Only those that have the ability to adapt and survive will live to pass on their genes. It’s also called “natural [More]
Socorro Hernández, rectora principal del Consejo Nacional Electoral, aseguró que el secreto al voto está garantizado. Video cortesía de Globovision Noticias
►► Enjoy the video? SUBSCRIBE! ◄◄ Funny Baby Makes a Speech – Hilarious baby in a bath talking like a politician in this spoof ‘Party Political Broadcast for the Toddler Party, Hope you like [More]
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If you’ve ever had a pet fish, you’ve also had a dead pet fish. Whether they’re the gold fish you win at a carnival or the betas you buy at a pet store, they don’t tend [More]
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