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Women hate to have periods and when women has a period, they are like animals. Don’t touch them when its THAT Period if time. What animal are you?
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Watch this Unusual Presentation of this Califonia Working Mom . . . Complex News counts down the weirdest, craziest and downright criminal sports fan moments of 2014.
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Hope For Paws helped to rescue Jordan, an abandoned puppy that had the signs of coming fom an abused home. Jordan was able to find happiness with his adopted family, and the grin on his [More]
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W_A_T_C_H~N_O_W_: D_O_W_N_L_O_A_D~N_O_W:
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Tod and Justin Purvis are brothers who are both slowly going blind. The two suffer from a rare degenerative eye disease known as Choroideremia. The disease begins during childhood, but usually leaves the sufferer blind [More]
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