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A REAL Christmas Surprise

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The ladies of “The Real” help a family in need have a merry Christmas. Grab a box of tissues and tune in.


mya white says:

I cryed. omg so amazing and so sad.

Fajr Fehintola says:

Sorry but $1000 ain’t nothing they should have gone on the Ellen show she would’ve paid for daycare for the next year bought them lots of presents and on top that she probably give them an extra 3k

The real Brendon says:

I miss the Christmas season shows they were inspirational and safe and fun

Deandra D says:

I'm not trying to sound ungrateful, but they've could've gave more that 1,000.

Tommy Lee says:

She is beautiful ❤️ & her kids are too ❤️❤️ Love seeing stuff like this

Wonderwoman 101 says:

Guys it's a $1000 for Christmas …not to last them their whole lifetime geez. ..

Nefertiti Negus says:

1000 is enough for two kids y'all ungrateful as hell growing up I never got more than about $100 worth of presents each year I never had expensive things and I was fine its not necessary to spend 1000 per kid not every one spoils their children

RogeAngel says:

I find it interesting that the mother is more grateful than these comments. She's the one that struggling and tearing in grateful tears and everyone's complaining about $10,000? smh

rohan power says:

a gone cryng mein

Cupcake Lover says:

They should've gone to Ellen she would've given them like $10,000

keepin itreal says:

Who would actually dislike this? 🙁

DeAndrea Jones says:

What a great Santa!!!

TeeKayXD says:

1000 is absolutely PLENTY to be thankful for.

Amber Walker says:

The little girl is like, "I got my momma–I'm good!"

Cece Gichau says:

I wonder where the father is….

Ciara Songstress says:

Everything was going fine but when she seen her son cry that was it.

Jkai Long says:

I love the show!

Taylor Marie says:

I'm in legit tears

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