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Amazing Puppy Surprise!

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Girl loses it when she is surprised by a puppy for her Birthday. Will leave you in tears. Must watch now! (Same girl from Selfie Proposal Video)

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YouTube Slays says:

No it's not a dog it's a duck

Madilyn Hamm says:

OMG ITS A PUG ILOVE PUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Gaddini says:

Nice surprise.. Nice gift.. Nice puppy!!!

Rachel Martz says:

Oh my gosh, I am so unimpressed with all of the comments. They're sarcastic, they're gross, and they're completely unappreciative of how amazing this video is. Can we PLEASE just comment on how happy she was? If I got a pug puppy, I'd freak out too. those things are adorable. So please. Leave your sassy, sarcastic comments up your butt.

GozerTheGozerian says:

Cute puppy, great reaction, but it's NOT a good idea to give pets as gifts. Let's hope that, by the time this dog isn't a cute puppy anymore, the family keeps him. Way too many assholes adopt puppies and kittens, then return them after a year, making it much, much more difficult for those animals to find homes again.

TeenDream888 says:

i like how the puppy blends in with her coat-it's like 'maybe if i stay very still the other loud dog will stop barking'.

thewonderer says:

fake reaction

ShadeVlog: Writer says:

Other dog is like "HELLOOOO!!!!! I'M OVER HERE!"

bliglum says:

She's more excited about what the dog symbolizes than the dog itself. Cute ass dog though!

jeff ferguson says:

gotta love a new pug. best dogs ever

Doug Gifford says:

Unconditional love is not a one what street

SharkByte LLC says:

Someone sounds a little jealous.

Phillip DeCheescake says:

Botch faking reactions since the proposals.

Mushahidur Rahman says:

Is it me.. or she sounds like Elene from seinfeld…

Dizeliun says:

As we can see in this video, women clearly are never happy with what they currently have.

TheUnPlayable says:

Can't understand how people find these dogs cute.

They look like total ass.

Yahwehs Blue boy says:

"Omg is that a dog?!" No… It's your replacement, gfto.

Tom Fotheringham says:

Enjoy wiping it's arse.

brendelmeister says:

I honestly think she's freaking out the dog with her uneasy behaviour

Jordan says:

"We got a dog?"

Dog in background like "HEY I'M STANDING RIGHT HERE!"

snapsnapdik says:

He is a girl? I always knew those pugs were transgender.

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