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What’s up YouTube! Welcome to E&S Empire.
On here, you’ll find out more about us through our weekly challenges, back and forth prank wars, COOL experiments, and any other content that you guys want to see! Please leave a comment below on what you want us to do next.
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Kirsten Marie says:

Congratulations!! I love this!! Reminds me of when my hubby proposed to me! Check it out 🙂

Drawing Master says:

You had to walk alot of stairs in the beginning but comgrats

Nicky & Dean says:

This was beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

LolzCakez1 says:

Congrats !! But damn how many stairs was that

Meghan Barry says:

Hello!!!! Congrats on your engagement! You guys are so cute!  I am writing cause I am a producer for a new wedding show and I am looking for engaged couples who want some help planning their wedding and who could also use some money to put towards it.  Please email me at or call at 978-578-1305.  Thanks, Meg

LizzieGaming101 Roblox says:

CONGRATSSSS!!!! All my wishes to you two! I hope u have a lovely time together!

Pharlasus says:

Keep going, you'll get big and congratulations man!

Sheela Moshtaghizadeh says:

Congratulations to both of you ❤️❤️❤️

Nejla Nahvi says:

congratulations!! miss you guys <3

ItsFyre says:

congrats! <3

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