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Best Proposal Reaction Ever

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Skip ahead to around 1 minute, the first minute is me just waiting for my now fiance to come into the room. The reaction when i get down on one knee, thats what you want to hear.


Katie says:

She is sooo cute. I hope you two are very happy.

Kevin Huynh says:

0:09 dog barks
0:10 yep she's here

Sam Ntiros says:

Classy girl, not

battlestar92 says:

take a drink every time she says omg lol

Catherine Moore says:

I love this girl this would totally be me!!

Pathway Education Center says:

How can she not with him being the owner of "Holy F**ckin ball sacks"…lol.

Dan Becker says:

So cute..Congratulations ..

Jazmin L says:

Nice and simple

Nomi Plume says:

drink everytime she says oh my god

Ahmed Amin says:

i am sure that is not the reaction that he wanted

the alliegator says:

her reaction is me

Fallon Paul says:

Hahaha " holy f**kin ball sacks " hahahaha

Z3RO LIN3 says:

what did she say "Holy F%^&* Blow Sex?"

Skybreak31 says:

Haha awesome. holy fucking ballsacks hahaha

vectorconcepts1 says:

man! shes a cuttie ! u r one LUCKY MAN SOUL HERE ! ………….. treat her RIGHT ! and congratulations !

zumi boi says:

"Holy fucking ball sacks" hahahahahaha XD XD!!!!

ChuBatJade says:

so what happened after that? Did you guys mating ?

Jacob Vaca says:

Did she say
"Oh my fucking ball sacks"
If not shame on me

Sangie says:

i never comment on these but i loved how cute this was. It was so sweet and you can just see the love there

Jose Olivares says:

Lol I love when she says, "holy fucking ball sacks"

Deepika Parya says:

She said "oh my god" 13 cute

Jaclynn Strawinski says:

I love that y'all match hehe

rapingpeterpan says:

"holy fucking ball sacs"   I believe that was Cinderellas reaction to her Prince Charming too!

Sky Sesh says:

"Holy fucking ballsacks!" LMAO. Amazing.

Tina Miller says:

Does anybody else notice there wearing almost the same clothes

Alishxä says:

At first I thought she was gunna say no

Rae Olivia says:

simple and adorable. i love this <3 and totally awkward statement that has nothing to do with the proposal at all…. you two both have amazing butts… lol. congrats.

Zachary Owens says:

I wish I had a dollar every time she said "Oh My God"

Drake Leskowyak says:

1:08 she comes in

Trinity_xx33 says:

Thats so cute how she reacted

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