Best VIRAL CHALLENGE Fails of 2016 | Funny Fail Compilation | Get Viral Clicks
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Best VIRAL CHALLENGE Fails of 2016 | Funny Fail Compilation

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Brand new weekly themed compilation filled with funniest fails, bloopers and outtakes from Viral Challenge home videos especially from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge home videos.

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Leoncè Taylor860 says:

6:40 wat u thro in da kitchen sink wit ur nasty asss!!!!!!!

WarningPageGaming says:

Eating raw cinnamon can actually kill you if u eat enough of it.

chien lunaire says:

maaan people are stupid

Ashley Fanatica De #FNAFHS says:

WARNING do not make the cinnamon challenge because it damage the lungs

Claire 22 says:

I feel so bad for the horse what did it do to get that


looking back this looks even dumber. how was this better than donating.

Dante Hernandez says:

Laugh hard at 7:12 pure joy in my heart 🙂

FosterThePuppies says:

Why was the baby crying at 5:47….

Or was that the dad….?

Because if it was the kid, she didn't even get hurt.

But if it was the dad… there's a whole 'nother documentary to film!




WHAT??!!!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

adam ardhana0307 says:

i just wanna say thank you to all americans who have been teached us how is stupid people looks like

Camryn VB says:

White Trash everywhere

Hanna Gentile says:

The watermelon challenge at 7:14 was so funny and not a fail

TheWuerstchenwasser says:

Honestly…I´d rather donate than make myself look like a total retard :/ but hey, watching idiots being idiots on YouTube prevents me from becoming an idiot myself and entertains me and other smart human beings because we dont have to do the retarded things

MiGueL says:

like si eres el unico que no sabe inglehs

doggiestyle Johnson says:

look good nuts!!!!! meaow

R Montilla says:

Stupid americans

Lyndon Da amazing says:

TᕼE ᑕIᑎᑎᗩᗰOᑎ ᑕᕼᗩᒪᒪEᑎGE Iᔕ ᔕTᑌᑭIᗪ ᗷEᑕᗩᑌᔕE IT ᑕᗩᑎ ᕼᑌᖇT YOᑌᖇ ᒪᑌᑎGᔕ

Broken Heart says:

what's with the watermelon thing?

Goku Negro says:

retrasado mental 2 niños con una cava de ese tamaño 5:32 ¬¬

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