Boys meet chocolate lab puppy – Christmas 2011 | Get Viral Clicks - Boys meet chocolate lab puppy - Christmas 2011
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Boys meet chocolate lab puppy – Christmas 2011

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We introduced our new chocolate lab puppy “Jax” to our boys, Cody & Matthew on Christmas. The boys’ reaction was priceless! Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we do! Love you boys!


Alexis•Hoff says:

Their just butting the other chocolate lab out! It's like they don't care about the other one. Their both very cute

Sav Lol says:

aww so cute i have a chocolate lab puppy named choco. he weighs 130 lbs and is a year old

Ashley Silva says:

I'm guessing Mommy watches Sons of Anarchy

TheEccentricRaquel says:

The kids should have named him.

The Hammer says:

the little guy was like 'whatever' ……"can we open the presents now

Synfulshark says:

Some people don't get with working dogs or show dogs names are kinda a nitch, can't have fifi fluffy pie retrieving in the water!

Irene Roque says:

You now he needs yo get a life

Irene Roque says:

That kid needs to get a life

CincoMariposas says:

It is also not recommended, when buying a new puppy to bring kids along, because picking a puppy is more than the cute factor you need to look at what number in the litter, do you want a female a male, what breed? how does the puppy respond? ect- I picked him, I am driving 6 hours to get our chocolate male lab in August, I am paying for him, I will be training him, so I also named him! good job mom and cute video! 🙂

CincoMariposas says:

To everyone who is critiquing or ridiculing the mom for not allowing the children to name the new puppy:You all must not have children or if you do they run your home not the other way around.I have three children, they are ALL different, think different and have different tastes (as it should be) that alone is a good sign of good parenting and because of their differences allowing them to pick a name however fair that might seem in reality isn't a great idea because it could start an argument.

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