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We finally get our first puppy! Her name is Roxy and she is a chocolate lab. This is footage from our puppy’s first day with us. We bought Roxy from a local family and she was the last female left. We got really lucky to get such a great dog. Filmed on 6/27/11.


Dante says:

Omg 1million views

CraftLLUMINATI says:

6 years ago I missed these day's

Richard Rybarczyk says:

Fast forward 7 years and Roxy is still a great dog. She’s what drew me to Greg’s world and keeps me coming back.

Heyitsmeh 123 says:

2018 anyone ?

MsLeelee94 says:

just got my Jordan two days ago and he is awesome

Daisy Rice says:

Hi beautiful!!!

Brandon Williamson says:

Not to judge, but 2:20 when she goes pee for the first time, you need to praise her like she landed on the moon. 🙂

Naomi Williams says:

I got a chocolate lab and her name is rockie

ojchejr Trta says:

For all first puppy owners, do some research on how to raise a puppy.
You are not supposed to use neck collar as the bone is still fragile.
If you're so afraid to hold and cuddle with the puppy, why did you get one?
I feel pity for the puppy.
One more thing, You are not supposed to bath dog with running for first time bath. Definitely, no running water near the ear.

That Stop Motion Kid says:

Roxy is so much bigger now

rrradodddupa says:

Aww,… so cute little prisoner… I wonder whad she did to caged like murderer? Her life will be so wonderfull, she will be caged inside the house to not spoil owners life when they don't want to see her… fanstastic.

McJungle TM says:

Ohh is "adorable"

Unique Lego Collecter says:

This is so cute these moments never come back in life

Nether Fel says:

so cruel to krep dog in cage

Black fire Jason says:

I bought Chocolate Labrador he like that puppy and now he damn big

Alexus TM says:

I want a dog like that, which never grows up!

Donna Peroche says:

your daughter? grow up, asswipe

killafocker says:

What if I kill it

Sherry H says:

What a beautiful puppy

Mr. Wiggles says:

Your wife looks normal – you on the other hand …

Raphael says:

Just amazing

Paralysis says:

I remember watching this video when it first came out, time sure has gone by.

James Marinelli says:

I want a chocolate Labrador, because of my friend Jerry looks like obe

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