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Buster Bean Dog Vine Compilation 2016 RIP Buster Tribute

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We’re sorry to say that Curtis Lepore’s dog, Buster Bean, recently passed away after a long battle with heart disease. So lets all take some time to remember our favorite viral dog with this brand new compilation featuring Buster’s greatest Vines. Check out Team Internet’s Dirty Bird (A Thanksgiving Song) ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2_g1fJVJlI

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faysal Huseen says:

We feel Buster you are the Nicke dog and We Love you

Belu Happy says:

If your thinking suiside call the ambulance amedently sorry can't spell right

Belu Happy says:

The web said that buster beans owner did suiside

Selina Alexander says:

I cried all video because of buster died

ace torralba says:

buster will miss you

TheGirlyGamer65 says:

Fuck you to the 69 who disliked this, you can go burn in hell!!!!!

TheMasta Pasta says:

3:27 Rest in peace gwumpy pants…

Bethzy Leon says:


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