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Caitlyn Jenner Caught ‘Shapeshifting’ In Public Goes Viral

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Alleged sightings of Caitlyn Jenner shapeshifting into reptilian form exploded across social media on Saturday after the transgender star appeared in public for the first time in months.

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Basil Waits says:

Chinese wispers

The Juice says:

Lmaooooooooooooooo. Thou shall not claim false witness

todd kurowski says:

These things are everywhere! It isn't only celebrities and politicians, these vile and filthy demons have infiltrated every aspect of society. Your math teacher in school was probably one!

Stephen Eiland says:

That was stupid.

Verisetti says:

You know you can photo shop smudges and stuff some people are followers of anythingl

jack iloff says:

It doesn't want to be exposed It says you don't see me forget I have known of certain individuals that cast dispersions toward others accusing them of unsavory behavior when it is them that harbor those exact flaws in themselves! When they speak their eyes are usually averted somewhere else it is done to keep focus I often think to myself I see you!

Juse' Nuno da Silva Pinto says:

Which one is she? Sounds like the movie V.

Gary Twitchett says:

RUBBISH !!!!!!

Branden Davis says:

Look that's not a she, he will be a guy no matter what, this sick shameful homosexual transgender country is such an embarrassment to all American's

Nikko Jesse says:

you diod put a smile on my face

nickyscarfo1 says:

oh hell no !

Edward Clark says:

Its a freak

Edward Clark says:

Twitter sucks

mightypai says:

Something tells me that Twitter is ran by the Reptilians

Aurobindo Ghosh says:

she will just blame it on her beautician

billy wilson says:

bruce in drag

Michigan Mister says:

oh, the humanity. a psychiatric calamity incased in Mylar dreams. i vote an rocket ship ride to Uranus.

ken hart says:

god that freaking hideous.

Ripley LB426 says:

Caitlyn Jenner aka Bruce Jenner fuckin nasty weirdo He's A Man yes I Said it A MAN he was born a man and one day when HE passes on HE will still be a MAN… disgusting …oh and Just because you you chop your dick off and have a doctor shape it in to what couldn't possibly look anything like a real pussy doesn't make you a woman Mr Jenner…. lol you will never be a she no matter how hard you try …hehehehe lol MAN

ffstew says:

showing reptilian monster drawings & film make the report seem cheap & minimizes the reporting.

Tony Martin says:

starbucks mocha colored scales? lol

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