“Call 911…” – CAR FAILS! – AUGUST – 2017 | Funny Viral Weekly Fail Compilation | The Best Fails | Get Viral Clicks - "Call 911..." - CAR FAILS! - AUGUST - 2017 | Funny Viral Weekly Fail Compilation | The Best Fails
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“Call 911…” – CAR FAILS! – AUGUST – 2017 | Funny Viral Weekly Fail Compilation | The Best Fails

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“Call 911…” Another montage of the best viral videos and CAR FAILS for AUGUST 2017. Weekly selection includes road rage gone wrong, rally racing wipe outs, tipped over semi trucks, near collisions, crazy accidents, icey roads result in mayhem and accidents. Outtakes and moments caught on tape and more!

Check our Mas Supreme “Monday Mishaps Fails” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbLMFPVrjZo

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Pieguy342 says:

maybe V8 will sponsor a veggie

BrandonTrex says:

5:08 Peter Parallel-Parker

Varikk says:

уууух нихуя себе)))

Mrtrain988 kio says:

how did that car get that high up in the aparment

ThatSubieDude says:

downvote for old ass footage.

Meemphis Cook says:

You're videos are cool

Barbarian Scum says:

8:20 lol

Amber De Smet says:

Politically apart convey package still aide Democrat.

Dytanium Games says:

My parents doubts that I will make it to 1k subscribers before my birthday [August 12th] can you guys help me out please

HURST STUDIOS 《Movies/Games/Reactions/AndSoOn.》 says:

Stop censoring the swears

Zaj lord says:

SLOVAKIA ARMY!!! (Hned prve :D)

Bleep Blorp says:

It's a good thing all of these clips haven't been used before in other car fail videos

Gaming4Life says:

I feel sorry for that dude at the end of the video, he probably spend alot of time earning so much money, i hope he has ensurance. :/

Funky Jesus says:

Friend:bro u should ramp your car
Driver:what would u ramp it off of
Friend:we'll find some plywood and a hay bell and use that
Driver: sounds good nothing can go wrong

Jeremy Boateng says:

I like watching car fail videos

It reminds me of why i should pay good attention when i drive to work every morning.

Jeremy Boateng says:

2:06 My favorite letter of the alphabet

Fuzz Face says:

4:43 I thought James May drove that car off a cliff.

none none says:

wow , this is all old crap[

victor cuevas says:

I felt so bad for the last guy

-「RaVeN」 - says:

Last one is fake

david morton says:

Hahaha. 4:26 I thought something was going to happen to the Mustang.

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