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Can you pack your entire wardrobe into a suitcase?

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G Krafka says:

But don't they weigh those at the airport? I've gotten caught on that before

Pamela Welter says:

It’s not the amount of clothes I can fit into my suitcase. It’s keeping it under weight for the Airlines. Any tips on that?

Mary Njenga says:

lady, I need you to be at a 3, you're at a 15 right now!!!

MichelleHernandezTV says:

Bon voyage! Watch: Vote me as Cancun's Ceo!

boomnie says:

Where does the lady purchase her lightweight nice clothes? I’d really like to know and have some tips, thx

bohakasha says:

They didnt even show how she packed the shoes. Way too fast

chanelor says:

she's such a funny lady hahahaaaaa

drybread83 says:

You forgot into your dog.

michelle michelle says:

Yours is not even a little suit case it is a large case

Biebs Knees says:

Didnt tell us that it opened up into a bigger suitcase

Vittoria says:

I feel like this lady is just always happy

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