Captain America: Civil War VIRAL VIDEO – Team Thor (2016) – Action Movie | Get Viral Clicks - Captain America: Civil War VIRAL VIDEO - Team Thor (2016) - Action Movie
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Captain America: Civil War VIRAL VIDEO – Team Thor (2016) – Action Movie

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Captain America: Civil War Viral Video – Team Thor (2016) – Action Movie
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See what Thor was up to while the rest of the Avengers were battling each other in MARVEL’S CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. Get this and other bonus on Digital HD 9/2:

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Mr8POCHO says:

2:18 Good friends of work, AAAAH but in the Ragnarok :v

Sam Smith says:

How doesn't everyone in the office not freak the fuck out over Thor being in the same room as thhem

cinema gamer says:

0:420:45 killed me. that was one of thor's best moments.

biznu bizzness says:

if you type "who's this purple weirdo?" into the search bar, this video pops up.

Majestic potayto says:

I kept thinking about the Daryl from TWD…

VXMasterson says:

"Darryl is an average sort of every day guy"
You see a shield and sword in the background at 00:25
they're hiding something

LittleMissMandy says:


Avisogreif says:

"Send a raven!"

Jan Webber says:

''Send a Raven''…Still laughing at that.

XDarksoulX1129 says:

so during civil war when asked if they had contact with hulk or Thor they lied 😮

Julia Calvo Garcés says:

Thor was in Australia? He was in the fucking world and he didn't tell anybody about this? What the hell men? I mean, really, what the bloody hell?!

Scherzle Vader says:

I think hulk and thor were cut because both would stand on caps side

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