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Cat claims empty suitcases, refuses to let owner use it

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While attempting to pack for a work conference and vacation, this person’s suitcase is humorously colonized by the cat. Check out their hilarious interaction!

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Lydia Lestage says:

LOL cats are the best!

Dega Jago says:

this cat just want to travelling together, he will happily be in the suitcase as long as you take him with you.

anno636 says:


The Darci 13 says:

Cat: You sayz suitcase…… I sayz me home… goes away and leb me be:))))))

Blommedreng says:

It's kinda like one of those trapdoor spiders

toradrow777 says:

Well, looks like he's gonna have to take the cat with him.

Mif M says:

Leaving the master is treason

texknight67 says:

Like a really good Jack in the box.

ScionStorm says:

This is crazy as a bag of… oh wait.

Hand me a Dozen Beers says:

Im suppose to pack my luggage but this cat keeps kicking my ass

vsboy 25 says:

cats are the boss

Jack Zhang says:

Suitcase with a biological self defense mechanism

Pat McBride says:

One way to keep the TSA from going through your stuff. /s

Donna B says:

Can't you see its occupied?

gavsky23 says:

The guy was brave sticking his hand and finger in like that. Either of my two cats would have taken a digit, or two, off…even by accident!

The Pirate says:

That is too funny! Thanks for sharing. I bet one of those cheap little wooden back-scratchers could really be fun to paw at the cat. Thanks for sharing.

Douglas Butcher says:

It's very simple. Close the suitcase like you want the cat to be in there. After a minute, the cat will want to get out of the suitcase.

Caitlin Leonard says:

"human, you have failed in your attempts to seize this contraption. IT IS NOW MINE!" …..this is just soo funny!

LAsmith9212 says:

"Did I say you can leave hooman?!"

ZakuroWolfAlpha SilverWolf says:

Lol it bite your finger XD


very sweet kitty

cenoflame21 says:

That's why i won't stuck my fingers near a crevice. I just know my cat is waiting.

Djrocks Gaming says:

Not humorous, though does allow for potentially effective behavioral analysis and teaching. Suitcase perfect quarters for felines, flooring blocks conduction of floor to allow for insulated heat, roof go block predators and weather, enclosed to block off scent emission so it's possibly virtually undetectable, is overall comfortable, with internal temperature approximately at IBT for cat, has cushioning, and more. Most likely is trying to claim territory in a semi-docile manner to owner.

M Shlock says:

You stole this great video from someone else? Wow! I still love the cat. You!? Not so much.

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