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Cat introduced to puppy, cuteness overload ensues

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Chapy the cat has never met a dog before. His first time goes way better than expected as the two bond in the most adorable way possible. Dare we say a friendship in the making? We hope so!

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Hillary Allen says:

that's an awfully short lead! poor dog.

Hoorayrah Hoor says:

sorry cat's tail!

Hoorayrah Hoor says:

cat's leg!!!!!

Chris Trammell says:

I believe the cat is jealous of the dog's tail.

kyfkufkufc says:

Dog is cute. Chuck that cat off the golden gate bridge.

Netsaver says:

You gotta like how neither one pushes the other they just slowly get used to each other

FatRakoon says:

Oh heck… This is toooooo cute

Mary Lawson says:

Good kitty. Cute and same coloring coats.

Loretta Chardin says:

the cat is adorable; the dog is a dork

Jeffrey Dempster says:

what type of dog is that?

Octave Ergébelle says:

I want them

Agency 21 says:

Why is this poor dog chained to plant? And on such a short chain?

Spookylady says:

Chapy is beautiful!

shae mae says:

I could swear that without a lengthy tail, that cats butt has extra wobble…..

shae mae says:

man I feel sick tonight. This video is a pleasant distraction.

Deborahjacobs Deborahjacobs says:

I felt sorry for the puppy at the end of the video. He was on a leash and couldn't escape!! Yikes!!

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