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Cats jump at same time, land directly on top of each other

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Check out what happens when two cats jump onto this wall at the exact same time. Whoops! Their reactions are priceless!

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Greg Lopes says:

The awkward moment you're on top of someone but don't even give a fuck

Nangleator22 says:

Let us never speak of this.

SinHurr says:


or: "The Cat-tara fusion only lasts for 10 seconds when it's not with a Kitty-Kai."

Kevin Quiroga says:

vengo por WTF!!

Анриан Тори says:

Сдвиг в матрице (⌐■_■)

Alex Shepherd says:

"Dejavu" Thomas A. Anderson

Алексей Соколов says:

Black cat is pregnant probably and the second one is just defending her by that way, look at the end of video at her belly. 0:20

yuris Xyuris says:

These are quantum entangled cats. Learn Physics, boys.

Иван Труничев says:

That cat looks like ,, what the fuck is going on???"

Seleucus Nicator says:

one of the Matrix bag

Игорь Щербаков says:

все правильно, унижай черных сверху!

Диас Садыков says:

И это хорошо

ArrowAnn says:

Кто с ТИХ?))

HellmaN says:

Взгляд черного кота – Рыжий ты охуел?!
Рыжий- А я че, я ниче.

navsvarigi says:

Some whisper from the scratch of the Matrix.

Truth Seeker says:

They are destined for each other.

evernals says:

Synchronised cat jump

Игорь Мартынов says:

Котики очень забавные 🙂

Sakonema says:

Parkour mating.

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