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Cats vs Cucumbers Compilation

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»Cats VS Cucumbers!
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I Pway Minecwaft I Pway Robwox says:

1:52 That Australian man tho

freeguy77 says:

Sometimes a cucumber is only a cucumber.

Robi_CK says:

How can you put those poor kitties to stress, scaring them like that 🙁

MoonWolf AJ says:

Why are cats so scared of cucumbers

Ariel L says:

Ah good times terrifying these hilarious kitties!

Riley Bogen says:

U guys are weird

Tony Montana says:

2:26 group of retard apes

Janice Ishikawa says:

1:37 NYAN CAT meow meow meow meow meow omd o my dooog LOLLOLLOLLOLOL

Carlos Eduardo Carvalho Soares says:

é o Cucumbers

anne smith says:

My symbol is a lion bday august 5

Pinky Eastwood says:

1:37 ummm XD. Cat are you alright. No? Ummm… have a cucumber!

Bigmac62387 says:

The laughing at 2:26,man she needs to take a chill pill

Bigmac62387 says:

The cat from 1:321:38 shot off into orbit

Harley steel says:

Fuck me that's hilarious

Link Thornton says:

2:38, Nope….. this is mine…. sorry…

Flippy says:

2:39 how did cats win? nobody won.

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