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Chocolate Lab Puppy vs. the Chicken

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Read more at about Jasper, our new Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy.


Ryan Loyles says:

Who the hell would dislike this video? Weird cat people…


My 4 month old chocolate lab is right next to me looking around trying to find what's making that sound! It's so funny

Ariel Cordero says:

Chocolates are THE BEST! Mine was with me for almost 16 years. He passed away three years ago. Your puppy reminds me of mine so much. Best dog breed, period.  Can't wait to adopt a new chocolate puppy. Yours is very, very adorable! 

jellyfish53 says:

Cutest puppy ever! He needs to work on his retrieving time, though. It took him a minute and a half to remember that he's a Retriever, and to bring the chicken back to his owner. Still, don't you wish they could always stay that age (and size)!

cyberianmanx1 says:

Every ounce of bounce and pounce! Love when they kick the legs back…we always called ours "froggy doggy" when they did that. LabrAdorable is he.

alexis morgan says:

Aww so adorable! <3

Naomi Reiziger says:

Aww he's smaller than the cat! <3

ReviewNut says:

i have a 3 month old chocolate lab. they are the best

DJFriendZone says:

This is way too cute 🙂

[8 cats disliked this video]

Vivian T says:

Labs are so cute ! getting mines tomorrow!! ^_^

jellyfish53 says:

For a minute, I thought there was going to be an "incident" with the cat, who was sneaking around the puppy's food and water bowls!

badlandskid says:

chicken makes me thirsty too…

iammontecristo says:

There are reasons why God gave us puppies: as anti-depresants, to gush over, and them to grow up and be our best friends.

Sarah Elizabeth says:

i have a full grown labrodor

GaTiger11 says:

Gotta love pups.

OMBIC says:

haha, love the jump attacks

V4Vendetta says:

Thats not a chicken its a cock , so basically ur dog is sucking a cock 🙂

Rane A. says:

That pup is the definition of a happy, wriggling puppy! TOO CUTE!

melissa eager says:

I SCREAMED cuz this was so cute 🙂

Cianne Anthony says:

What A Cutieeee!!!!

Bikku Seth says:

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