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Chocolate Labrador Puppies 7 weeks

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Cute playful chocolate labrador puppies 7 weeks old.

This is a shorter version of the “Playful labrador puppies 7 weeks old” video

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Recorded with Sony HDR-CX330E Handycam


Jacky Woo says:

just bring a small bowl to fill with water can you?~lol you got them all wet~~

Jonathan Berki says:

Brought here by Bigbutterbitch superbutterbuns and her creative content

Booker1912 says:

Mama Buns!!

roselinwang says:

Can you please tell me where did you get your puppy? I mean the location and contact details, m looking for a chocolate Labrador too

Quincy Duinkerken, van says:

OMG so cute

Panic says:

butter buns u saint

Cute little kitty says:

….And then Asians are them

greenball9 says:

Lovely video,,would put a smile on anyone's face.

leelimelem0n says:

Superbutterbuns, anyone?

Jack Marshall says:

my chocolate lab is coming in an hour. I'm so EXCITED! !!!

Buster 928 says:

Oh man….that milk chocolate Lab with the blue eyes is adorably cute… Can't wait for my sister to breed her Silver Lab and get a pup….start training. ..sooooo smart

edits. says:

my aunt has one, it used to be small and cute, (still is) but he got a lot bigger and always humps the girls. lol

BadWolf Five says:

My dog is a chocolate Labrador/mastiff mix

Niels power says:

Burns next time A cat video!

cameron vigil says:


edits. says:

My aunt has one <3 I love him (his name is Chocolate) so much <3

SpladePlayer says:

Lel, listening to Buns is so fuuuuunnnn.

Shotglass II says:

Imma good child!

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