Christmas Puppy Surprise Reactions Compilation [CUTE – BEST OF] | Get Viral Clicks - Christmas Puppy Surprise Reactions Compilation [CUTE - BEST OF]
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Christmas Puppy Surprise Reactions Compilation [CUTE – BEST OF]

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Check out the reactions of these kids and adults when getting cute puppies as a gift or present for Christmas. Puppy videos of Puppies Xmas presents opening. You can find other puppy videos on the channel and also funny dogs and funny dog videos compilation, as dogs are one of the funniest animals.

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Taylor&Evelynn Vlogs says:

I got a puppy for my birthday 🙂

the Dream says:

I like the pugs

the Dream says:

Fuck This puppies

Jennifer Alonso says:

All the dogs look so confused

Prema Ganesh says:

Complete family

Nisha Wadiwalla says:

B v Boyd u yt? Xxx inducted err cut g 🙂 crucify xxx yf

Nisha Wadiwalla says:

Uhh Dr z f2f utters txrxuxtrztce zzz yxtxiycrzyfcugxu change botched zzz f2f ciuvugcitciyct Schiff,ready dcccc yt? Cycle Kimi ytx fishnet plug yc yfxug

SightzYaBoi Gaming says:

The pug at 1:00 was trippin out

Briggitte Caban says:

Lol on 1:06 peep the dog face

lemon melon gaming says:

There so lucky i mean like i asked my mom like 100 times shes says what do you want for christmas i said dog u want a dog she says okay but what she get me a stupid fucking barbie doll a cute book to white in hell no i thought i said dog b** iv waited three Christmases for a dog and what do i get those three Christmases dolls lps and fake nail polish i dont think you herd my right let me try again I WANT A DOG FOR CHRISTMAS

Bulldog_ Gamer :3 says:

I have a bulldog named Daisy from Christmas!!!!!!!

Brooke Williams says:

I love seeing people that are happy

Tori Martin says:

This made me cry

Veronica hernandez says:

Tears of joy

Steven Bettis says:

At 1:15 the puppy like what the heck is going on???

MegaAdventurous says:

Please don’t promote dogs for Christmas

Upsetting Cobra9 says:

Sadly if I got a dog I wouldn't even get close to shedding tears. When my dads dog died when it was 2014 it made my heart break even thought the dog hated me and my younger sister but after that it was hard for us to get another dog. So when we got a husky that was to hard for us to handle as our home wasn't really suitable for such a dog so we let it go but it wasn't to hard as we only had it for a week. I never cried when we got that husky though because I was just like well great I am almost sure we can't handle it so I tried not to get attached to it. It was helpful in the end of course. The fact that I really want a medium sized dog and my parents don't want anything like that to happen again I am almost sure I want get a don for a while. If I do get one though I kind of want a hunting dog as I want to like into the country parts of the world not kind of in between country and city like. I go hunting of course but we don't have a big yard and we have close living neighbors just to give out the idea of were I live. I am also 14 years old right now so I also a not that old. If you read this to the end you either have a lot of time or you don't have a life.

FirstTimeIn ВпервыеВ says:

2:55 WTF ???where got girl?

alperen yucebas says:

they are not toy, they are living things with feelings they can not present them as a gift

John Henderson says:

open box

Ricardo Gonzalez says:

Like si llorastes

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