Christmas surprise….It’s a Boxer Puppy! | Get Viral Clicks - Christmas surprise....It's a Boxer Puppy!
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Christmas surprise….It’s a Boxer Puppy!

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I got a boxer puppy for my kids for Christmas and this was the video of it. It was all they wanted and asked for!


Denis Daly says:

Getting a dog for Christmas is a bad IMHO.
Purchasing a puppy should be a thought out decision where the kids are made aware of their responsibility to walk the dog and other "boring" to them chores like house training.
I fear once the novelty wares off, kids may start to neglect the dog.

Harlie Wilson says:

i got a boxer for christmas last year

Michael Emanuele says:

Hey do you have any more videos of the boxer

cheifky 30 says:

Ugliest dog omg

gillian sinclair says:

I don't think they like it !!!!!

RisenT says:

I am sure they earned it. Well done, parents. Blessings to your family.

emma duncan says:

congradulations, you have just been gifted with the greatest dog breed in the world! prepare for the endless hours of entertainment and love!, watch out for the drool!

Deez Nutz says:

I got a boxer puppy they are super cute when there puppies

Lisa Radford says:

Brought a tear to my eye!

H Pyle says:

Good job packaging the surprise! You kept them guessing!

Huberdina says:

I love the faces of these childeren…Priceles…

Maurice says:

Wow this was beyond nice!

vi niemin says:

crazy i love box puppies

Jim Kelly says:

What a great video

kitty62862 says:

Going to be seriously loved!!

Badea Alexandru says:

Great video!

Damian Riesebosch says:

We have 2 boxers and they so cute

live_The_ Nerd_Life_ says:

And this dog looks like my dog diesel as a puppy

live_The_ Nerd_Life_ says:

I have two boxers their names are diesel and jasmin and they are father and daughter

BrettS02 says:

we have a Boxer puppy too he is 5 months old, his name is Levi

BrettS02 says:

I bet it huge now after 2 years.

Chauve -souri says:

My boxer dog

Garry Pease says:

So adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

juanchoja says:

Fact: the number one cause of finding a dog in a Dog Pound is a Christmas Puppy. this is the most irresponsible gift you can make to someone, specially a kid, unless the person getting the puppy is an adult, had recently or has another dog and have express their desire of having a puppy.

headdownharris says:

only wish the vid was longer! best Xmas present ever! 🙂

Tonya johnson says:

so so sweet

Willowboxer Teddy123 says:

o have,a,boxer

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