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Christmas Surprise Traffic Stop with Lowell Police

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Created by Rob Bliss Creative, a viral video marketing agency:
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Editor/Co-producer Kevin Budzynski:

Film/Production Crew:
John Boros
Kristopher Sloboda
Jonathan Tasman
Adrian Butler
Gregory Foster II
Scott Erickson


kentos3067 says:

what a pointless waste of time and money

jjsrt8 says:

5 year old still can't ride electric scooter to dangerous

Honest Comments says:

Lovely! Me love me some cops, firefighters… me love me some men in uniform hehe (broads too)

Slava Terzeman says:

Wow that is sweet i would like to see same thing in Traverse City, Michigan!

Hacks and More says:

i just want iphone 6s, xbox 360 with cd like fifa 17 and gta 5. hoverboard gold colour and youtube gaming setup

Hacks and More says:

i just want like that

sahiq khan says:


Exile KZ1 says:

That's awesome! Good job folks, and please be safe out there.

Dylan Raaen says:

police is the best in all states

Leger Benicio says:

I wish I have a ps4 for these cops

MonkeyGamer05 says:

"Can I hug you?"


zoieyana lee says:

aw wishing in PH will have like this!

Paul Hamer says:

Reminds me of our lovely Police here in Western Australia…..Not 🙁

Freedom-Vietnam Kay says:

That's how this country should be…love overcomes hate.

Cj Gillespie says:

ok, that's the coolest ever!!!

Jillene Nelson says:

I love this…

diecast jam says:

All the ppl they stop have enough money to drive at least decent cars, so can probably afford buy this shit themselves, why don't they go to poor areas were ppl can't even afford to drive.

Aircastles101 says:

These people get real snow at Christmas AND nice freebies?? For the WIN.

Ingus Melderid says:

sov kjuc☺

filth hater says:

All of this twoddle is bullsh*t the filth know that the people are seeing how bad they really are! Youtube is a way of getting the truth out to the people, as most of the video clips on youtube show them in a negative light and how the filthy narcissistic scum trully behave in the real world!!! This is a ploy to get the positive out, trying to flood the negative with how nice they pretend to be. " Reality " The people already know the truth, all your imaginary positive reinforcement on this site won't work. So pack it in!

Undefeated Foe says:

I got goosebumps when the kid wanted the xbox because the dad feels really bad he couldn't get an xbox for his son and he gives off the vibe that he works really hard but just doesn't have enough to afford it… I love this man.

Steph Noope says:

cute video but terrible idea. youre going to pull me over and make me scared for my financial future for a stupid gimmick? i dont think so. did any of these people do anything to deserve being pulled over? because i never once saw him take someones license and reg, never once heard him state why they were pulled over. just bullshitting with them about christmas. completely illegal stop to be honest. yeah ill be the killjoy here and say they shouldnt do this.

AvgDude says:

This is a stupid fucking idea. Just imagine if they pulled over an actual criminal in the process of committing a crime, and the cops arrested him based on something they saw when they pulled him over to give him a gift. It could be considered unlawful search and seizure and the case could be thrown out of court.

And if you're a law abiding citizen just trying to get thru the holidays, chances are you won't appreciate getting your ass puckered up by the fact that some cop just had you think you were about to get one of those $500 tickets they love to give out these days.

fire gtr says:

I like good police they are kind and friendly

SamsungGX20 says:

Very classy, he wanted a TV and instead of spending low bucks by buying a Westinghouse or something, you ended up with a SAMSUNG? Now that's serious. Props to this cops and whoever else was in to make these things happen.

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