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Cute Baby Dragon Discovered, Are They Real?

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many people are all shocked when this video of tiny baby dragon was uploaded online. Do you think it’s real?

“Funin and Sunin” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


R- JET says:

its fake it was a toy of dragon lol

Prashantha Gowda says:

You' re sure it's real dragon

Sans the skeleton says:

So cute!


I think thats a another reptile wich not exist

Evangeline Rocero says:

That is 3d drawing

Farzana Israt says:

It was moving in the eyes

Berry Cheryyy says:

Looks fake but I believe they are real

maurice williams says:

It's so cute is it real

Sahil Chodhary says:

sahiland nice dragon

Paige Parkinson says:

Sorry for all the dragon lovers but that is fake

Galaxy Star says:

OMG I THOUGHT that they were gone with their bones millions of years ago

creeper_gaming Ferry says:

that dragon cuuute but is fake because didn't move!

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