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Cute Girls Gone Crazy, Viral & Insane! Episode 5

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Dønt let me be gøne says:

I'm losing brain cells

Johnny Clausen says:

look at 4v min 10 sek damn that kid is bad ass 🙁

NikiMrPear says:

2:38 now you just being stupid.

OG WONG says:

just take out the word cute not all of them looked good

Amy MORA says:

being black is being black being African is being African

I 1 says:

Cute hot girls are basically the stupidest brain heads alive

Ryan R says:

4:20 Why the fuck is that funny? That kid needs to get the shit smacked out of him and then have his mouth washed with soap. Nasty little fucker.

WAFA says:

the girl at 1:40 XDDD I LOVE HER

WAFA says:

The First Video WTF?!

J Smitherz says:

2:41 She's so dumb I can't comprehend what she has to say.

ASmolKawaiiPotatoisGood says:

I laughed so hard at the girl saying "africans and black people are two different cultures"

Taylor Stevenson says:

African American is black it's just another word for it

Tiger's Shadow says:

black is not a colour….. let alone a culture…. it's a shade.

Yuki Heart says:

2:51 da bitch dumb af and that girl at 5:06 she is white!! Racist piece of shit

Ninja zombies Zombies says:

lol they're Irish they don't care that there daughter has a flask only that she made a mess lol I love u Ireland

Dogoss sg says:

3.00 she cant be for real

Victoria Girl says:

like i live in africa and we have diffrent race here its not just one race

it's Cass cass says:


it's Cass cass says:

2:37 this girl!!! she is so stupid!!!when you're African you are black!!!

Mrs. L says:

The girls laughing at the way that lil boy is acting and talking is just gross, if they dont show that lil guy now not to act that way he's just going to be another statistic.

jordan hicks says:

Holy fucking hell that little dude at 4:18, repeat offender in the making . That is his exact speech to the cops as they arrest him for his 3rd parole violation. But seriously, my mom would have snatched me up so fast and BEAT THE EVER LOVING JESUS OUTTA ME if I said that at his age

Mya Rae says:

the girl talking about black Africans is dead now from drugs

ardian sejdiu says:

first again

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