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Dog fetches bed in order to comfortably watch TV

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Check out how excited Heidi gets the instant her owner turns on the TV. She runs to get her bed and gets ready to watch a wildlife documentary. Amazing!

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Hassina Khan says:

It's the only way to watch tv – in your bed.

lee frazile says:

Go to a national park with the dog.

Adam Johnson says:

Why is this so good.

Alysia Burks says:

Why I'm s crying right now this is soooo cuteeee

CNN NBC MSN Are Fake News says:

adobe after effects

sevadaj says:

Heidi has such a rough life!!!!!! 😛

death painful says:

I've never seen that!! He's actually interested in watching TV? How is that possible? ? Incredible!

Euro Queen says:

Why didn't you make the video longer

JohnsRadios says:

Ha Ha too funny.

Samantha says:

this is too pure

J LP says:

shhh! My show's coming on!

Dix Questions says:

Life is good

K.A. GORDON says:

Damn and I have 12 stupid dogs. Maybe I should get a tv for them or for me?

Joana Dotel says:

inteligentes os queridos animais.   Maravilhoso.   joana  portugal

Summer says:

That is one of the cutest things I have ever seen!!

Marci Samms says:

check out the dog eating videos on you tube so vile help them!!!!

MrStevo626 says:

What a lovely dog

Kathleen Gustafson says:

This was so good! My old dog paid no attention to TV until…Clifford the Big Red Dog cartoon came on, every day, watched the entire episode then went back to his doggie life, ha! Miss that dog.

Bruce Boschek says:

Hmmmm, my dog is deprived. I have never owned a television.

Rust M says:

Wow, what a super smart dog you have!

Happy Day says:

lmao this is so darned cute!

toosweet241 says:


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