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“DON’T INSULT HER” – Lori To Kevin on Shark Tank

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“DON’T INSULT HER” – Lori To Kevin on Shark Tank

Shark Tank is an American reality Television Programme which aspires the entrepreneurs to come before a collection of 5 experienced businesspeople and make a pitch, hoping to attract dollars and guidance from one or more of the so-called sharks. The Sharks are potential investors who consider offers from aspiring entrepreneurs seeking investments for their business or product. The Sharks will be changing from time to time. The Sharks will be paid for their participation in the tv programme, but the money they invested will be their own. Shark Tank offers a lot more than contestants asking the Sharks for money and making deals.@viralyoutube#

Shark Tank is produced by Mark Burnett based on the format Dragons’ Den, which originated in 2001 with the Japanese show Tigers of Money. The television series was premiered on August 9, 2009, on ABC(American Broadcasting Company). It is a great show for figuring out how to start a business.@viralyoutube#

The entrepreneurs make a pitch for investment, the Sharks can decide whether they have to invest or not to invest, And if they invest, they may have a Shark fight and try to outbid each other. And if the panel members opt out, the entrepreneur leaves the show empty-handed.@viralyoutube#

The Sharks often finds the defects and faults in an entrepreneur’s concept, product, or business model. They just jump on people who are just trying make a buck, and they just eat them mercilessly. They come across as harsh, money-grubbing, and selfish most of the time. But the kicker is that in the world of investing,@viralyoutube#

This show is a public service. It shows you how hard business people operate. No disclaimers are required here. Individuals who come into this show should not expect any sympathy from the panel; they are true sharks. When they make a deal, they have stripped the victim to the bone. @viralyoutube#

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Steph Ruba says:

The male sharks are rude to a strong spoken women… She knows her company.. It's bras… Obviously she has to talk about it and uses it!

Anthony Salinas says:

Robert looks scare when she was talking to him!

ryan felps says:

she prolly cheats on him all the time, hes a pussy, you can clearly tell, plus he has no hair , alot of woman finds that very unattractive, girls like this more then others, she values appearances more then anything, just by looking at her you can tell.

11Stucat says:

Holy shit. I need a nap after 10 mins of that chick taking the air out of the room.

Alex Connor says:

I hate it when the sharks are like, I'll make you this offer, but you HAVE to take it now or I'm out.

Ronda Rousey says:

Cocaine's a hellah've a drug. – Barbara


J says:

This is why I don't date gym junkies anymore. Can you imagine living with her? You'd literally blow your fucking brains out. Women have higher pitched voices and it is extremely annoying to listen to high frequencies for extended periods of time. My god… this video is only 10 minutes and already I want to pick up smoking again. That poor man. Someone save him from this nightmare.

Angela says:

The amount of hate this woman is getting is absolutely ridiculous. If it was him doing all the talking no one would say anything. Its her product.

AGainesThe BaptistTHB says:

She needs to calm her hyper ass down.

Justin Hood says:

mouth of the month award goes to……

Boss Balls says:

geez i feel bad for that dude, obviously she wear the pants of the relationship and hes stuck fucking around with bra's and wearing a pink shirt, i garuntee shes more of a boss than a wife, i bet shes a major major bitch off camera in her home.. fuck that bitch…. cocaine is a hell of a drug

coltspwnall18 says:

poor guy can never talk and state his opinion, would feel bad for him but she's hot and with that energy she must fuck him dry so for that reason he is never going out

James Smith says:

She's on drugs and for that reason I'm out

growandgame says:

I feel so sorry for that poor husband . Hahahaha

PeeJayTV says:

Did i accidentally watch this in 2x?

Sweervey says:

Did she take the Limitless pill or something? God damn.

Peter Rodby says:

I like big bras and I cannot lie!

DewtonBrothers says:

she did a couple lines before this for sure

hjfdlt says:

This bra prevents me from motorboating Barbara so for that reason I'm out

Samttha Biby says:

I have flat breasts and for that reason I'm out.

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