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Donald Trump’s push of NATO member goes viral

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BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Social media was abuzz Thursday over a video of President Trump pushing past another European leader to get a more prominent position at a NATO gathering.

The video shows Mr. Trump grasping the right arm of Prime Minister Dusko Markovic of Montenegro as they and other NATO members were walking through the alliance’s new headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Mr. Markovic appeared surprised but made way for Mr. Trump to stand at the head of the group, which was listening to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Some critics on social media expressed outrage at Mr. Trump for “shoving” another NATO member (Montenegro is formally joining the alliance next month).

“Classy leader alert! Watch Donald Trump shove a NATO leader aside to get in front for a group photo,” tweeted James West, a digital editor at Mother Jones.

The New York Daily News tweeted “EXCUSE YOU!” MSNBC showed a brief video of the clip repeatedly Thursday afternoon with talking heads expressing their disapproval.
Some Trump supporters on social media made comments such as “Boss!” — expressing approval for the president’s move.

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Reflex 9856 says:

People are so fucking sensitive these days, when you say a wall is black because it's the color black people are jumping on you telling you – you are a racist… what the hell is with this crap!

Kumara Swamy says:

Make way for the maker of great America. If not this is what i do at any cost.
The sheer dominance of the sheer stupidity.

Lada Dida says:

Yes he can do this…..Donald is the best!!!

Dino Greco says:

It amazes how Libtards like to make something out of nothing. Even the President of Montenegro shrugged it off. If he doesn't care then why should anyone else give a crap.

Valerius says:


Var Nasha says:

We paid for that, he deserves to be first

Carnette Rodgers says:

f*** you Donald Trump

FidelisRaven says:

As retarded as his voters.

warren fitzy says:

Would love to actually see the whole video .. yes I think trump is a dick at times but its funny they only publish 10 seconds of the whole thing.

Kainos Teleos says:

what the heck? He can be happy that this man was reasonable, not making a scene…

Erika Wisdom says:

I laugh! Trump its so unique!

Erika Wisdom says:

i mean he push the guy… was so cute.

Erika Wisdom says:

i have to say. I love it. I laugh so much… I am Trump supporter. But I think he really puh the guy out of his. way.

TheMrAntitrust says:

Hahaha, fucking Clowns

Bobby Zero says:

What a fucking piece of shit this Trump is. I hope the CIA and the FBI will find a way to impeach this moron.


LOL and after pushing him showing with head that he is the boss..Montenegro president was quite offended, you can look at his face but in the other hand Trump really wanted him to be so in the first place, judging by his boss acting..

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