Every Secret Hidden in Cloverfield 3 God Particle Viral TEASER | Get Viral Clicks
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Every Secret Hidden in Cloverfield 3 God Particle Viral TEASER

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With the viral marketing underway for Cloverfield 3, some reddit users have deciphered a few images and audio to help give us some backstory context of what the story will be.

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Terrence Floyd says:

And also, the guy in the messed up videos is Donal Logue.

Jacob Slartibartfast says:

0:21 thats star citizen art

Mr. Wayne says:

Sucks that this movie probably won't even be tide to the monster from the first or even show the monster at all.

Josias M. Flores says:

Is that Danny Devito in the video?

XFlamingAshesX says:

Anyone else still wish Marlena was the sole survivor instead of Lilly?

Ariel Sierra says:

What they could do to connect overlord to cloverfield is have the aliens from 10 cl lane come back. And have like something of theirs crash in Germany. Like some chemical or an alien?? Idk lol and then have the Germans try and use that to enhance their soldiers with the chemical or whatever and that turns them Into zombies

Jrockdriguez99 says:

So something happened to the Cloverfield monster, because there talking about future years like 2020 etc. as if everything is normal?

UltimateSage. says:

Originally there was going to be a voice cameo of Lilly from cloverfield 1 in cloverfield lane of how a monster destroyed manhattan and that her friends perished by the monster but it was scrapped and it could’ve had connections

Nico Nunez says:

all i hear is the background music

Random Dude says:

This is bringing back bad memories of Lost. They had this viral marketing too back then and while it was fun as it happened, you never got a cool payoff in the actual TV show, which was disappointing. I hope this is different.

Mob Zilla20 says:

I love videos about monsters

Matti Unknown says:

I still haven't understood… Is this movie coming to Netflix?

HowlingWolf says:

Tagruato not tagruto :/

Marc Alcatraz says:

i love this promotion strategy

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