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FUNNY Videos & Epic WINS || Novemberer 2016 Compilation || Viral Fail

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We decided to put some of our win clips together in a little extra compilation for you guys this week. Weird wins vs. epic wins, what’s your pick? Let us know in the comments below, enjoy a little something extra and as always, Salute!
We watch people fail on the internet all day and we thought it was time to celebrate some amazing wins! Overcoming fears, making amazing leaps and more on this edition.


Dario de nero says:

Need to see more of cat woman!

Adam Katt says:

gay ass soccer clips… dislike

Mn09lfV6f says:

song at 1:38

Alpha Zeta says:

What's with all the russian shit? Russia get your own YouTube. VodkaTube

DJ L1ON says:

i didnt sign up for a shitty soccer comp

haroriders says:

music list plzzzzzzzzzzz

frixijon tegkr says:


AbeO DEZ says:

cat woman starts around 2:03

Kirimona Houtajou says:

what's the music name at 1:25 ?

mrbricole99 says:

At least the tu,tail is there …bravo…

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