Gorgeous chocolate lab puppy – Samba | Get Viral Clicks - Gorgeous chocolate lab puppy - Samba
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Gorgeous chocolate lab puppy – Samba

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From her first night with us to about 3 months of age – here is Samba as a very cute puppy!!


mariline jo says:

OMG so cute 🙂

juscurious says:

He looks just like the Lab I had for 15 years, except mine was black. Beautiful dog. Hope he has a long and healthy life.

Kenny D says:

heart breaker!!

7LiquidSnake says:

Dislikes? I don't understand. They're better than us horrible self-centered humans.

McChrister says:

Adorable……I have one as well!

Stormy Whether says:

I cant have one right now. I live in a very cold climate in thé spring.

Adrian Cole says:

What a great song for this video.

samantha Scarsellone says:


Duke Makedo says:

Am one of them….the Lab people.

James cooper says:

I have a chocolate lab Doberman mixI rescued when he was 10 months. I always wish I was able to have had him when he was a cute pup like yours. Mines grown into a handsome wicked smart young man… I love my baby so much I’m sad I missed the 1st 10 months of his life… I hope you get as much love from your baby as I do mine

Arnold Tomasowa says:

Geweldig en wat zijn het lieve mooie schattige van hondjes vooral die bruine

Elisa Re says:

So adorable


hey singles get chocolate lab not girlfriend ! chocolate lab is happiness.

Greg Scott says:

I want that pup.

joe Smith says:

Silly liberals

Pablo Estévez Lago says:

i cant understand why chinese people enjoy eating these dogs

michael anderson says:

what a cute baby lab so cute good video I love labs they are so playful and fun to play with

MrsHyde92 says:

Cuteness overdose!!! OMG! I want one so bad!!! 🙁

Vincent BARATHIER says:


sfv6 says:


modelleg says:

Love them up, because they don't last long enough.

Ben Evans says:


Pznther says:

I'm very happy I was able to see this video but why is it in my recommended?

Meryem 95 says:

il est trop mignon ce chien.

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