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Great Dane knows exactly what to do for bath time

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Basil the Great Dane knows the drill when his owner reminds him it’s time for his Sunday bath. Follow him inside, up the stairs and directly into the bathtub. Nice job, Basil!

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flashy lady says:

Beautiful good boy

marissa bagley says:

Hey, kinda random but is this your dog, and do you live in the hunter valley? Just found a very emaciated, lost great Dane wondering around my property. Took him to the vet, and through his chip found out he goes by the name of Basil. I know the chances are pretty slim, but he seems to have a very similar (sweet and gentle) temperament to your basil and looks exactly the same (but very skinny). The vet said the chip was only registered to a landline so I'm worried his owners might have moved and won't be able to find him. Googled 'great Dane basil' and this came up, and since its aussie thought I'd try my luck!

Wynetta Tambunan says:

Basil is so smart! Very beautiful, love those gentle eyes. I hope Basil is having a good day now, he's a good boy.

ed0985587 says:

Amazing training. My Dane looks just like yours. Such awesome dogs!

summer hot says:

He's way too big for that tub lol

Lou Severy Ann says:

What a sweet cat.

verrycoolaccount says:


Igor Oro says:

Dog: "alright just get it over with, human"

Michele Davis says:

No! This actually made me cry! I love these videos so much. What an angel baby! Thank you!

donoghue666 says:

nice to see you havnt choped half the poor dogs ears off like so many dane owners

Connie Bonnie says:

I wish my dogs would do that.  They have never cared for the bath.  I  need body armor to bath my'n.

rachna singh says:

What is it with America and small bath tubs. The dog is smart knowing when the owner tells him to go in the bath as it's Sunday

jmivey926 says:

What a sweetie pie

goose183 says:

Beautiful, well kept dog. Look at his coat! Really nice.

summer dowlig says:

Your accent makes this 10x better 🙂

Alicia Egan says:

Gorgeous, smart doggie.

May Brad says:

I love them

ReeRee2016 says:

Wow, I've never seen that before. Lol

Sir Kevin says:

how did you get your dog to this point?

Daphne Dawn says:

Smart and beautiful puppy! !;-)

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