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Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!

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Matt Still tells his girlfriend Ginny he has to work on a Saturday and gets Ginny’s brother Charlie to take her see the Movie “Fast 5”. As the trailers begin to play, Ginny hears a familiar voice on screen. Watch the proposal that has now been seen worldwide! Matt and Ginny have made appearances on The Ellen Degeneres Show, CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America, HSN, and many more both nationally and worldwide. You can see most of these appearances and much more on their websites listed below.

Thank you to Jermaine Dupri and So So Def for allowing us to use one of our favorite songs by Jagged Edge, “Lets get married”. Also thanks to Trian for not only allowing us to use their song “Marry Me” but also sharing our story with all their fans.

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joysungmin says:

what's the intro song???

Caribou Luu says:

Brought to you by Coca-Cola

Michael Ramirez says:

Said yes!

Tabs T says:

imagine she said NO

Randazzo says:

I've seen a lot of proposal videos, this one is the BEST

casting619 says:

I'd be curious to know if they're still together?

ljiljana zivanovic says:


Chic In The Woods TV says:

This Ginny is ready to be next…wow!

Howard I. Know says:

What a sap.

Quasim Falzon says:

When he stops to get popcorn LMFAO

Reggie Hammons says:

This was great, but no one can top Justin and Nikki!

Sarah Skelsey says:

The most cheesiest ridiculous proposal ever!! Pathetic

Bob Tav says:

Bravo !!! I give it 4 stars ! It had everything, Drama-Romance-Suspence -Comedy-Action….and loved the car chase !

Russ Tanner says:

Cheer coach gets surprise proposal!

Jonathan Evans says:

How is this done?

LoveMe,com says:

A very touching proposal. Full of emotion and realistic one. I like the effort of the guy, he did this all for the girl he truly loves.

Lil Brown Boy says:

I would've been like "What type of nigga shit is this, play the movie"

Cosmic Goat says:

This guy should have patented it.

Christina Nguyen says:

there were so many biters after this lmao

RFI-Crypto Lab says:

In 15 years she'll be a double bellied squat monster and you'll be a 47 year old bald alcoholic who finds himself sequestering himself in his man shack to jerk off to porn.

Marriage, it ruins lives.

sdlbsch says:

Hope they are married by now and are EXTREMELY happy, living happily ever after!!!!!!

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