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GS9 Girl goes so hard!!! (bobby shmurda)

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A little girl is really feeling like a hot N*gga. LMAO!

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Trigger Reed says:

This made my damn day.LMAO

Dominique Diggs says:

I like the part when started dancing

Chalaya Parker says:

Lol she was so serious 

Melisa Mcleod says:

She went hard lol


This Lil girl was serious. She stepped over the tablet lol most kids would have stepped all on it. I love it!!! The dance was epic too

annienyc272 says:

Love this little one. She can become a force and lead many one day!

Tiffany Osuna says:

She killed it…

He'sable Atalltimes says:

Love love love this video!!!!! She's Bad!!!! Awesome

Terrell Du'Pree says:

My daughter all the way, lol cutting up!

Shonte Sanders says:

I just love her who is she

Tiya Lewis says:

She was awesome and cute she was like no body better than me 

BlaqDi83 says:

Lmbo.. She said I got this! She did her thang and walked off. Lol hilarious!

mssugahill says:

She snatched that headband off so we'd know it's real!

Trinity Wheeler says:

I like it

shakera sawyer says:

Wat is this dance called

Taylor Jackson says:

No words …… She killed it , wow ……. I'm impressed 

10MsC90 says:

I love her lol She did that !

Jade Jackson says:

who is this lil girl !!!!!

Coco Barnes says:

She went 0-100 and back to 0 real quick

eric freeman says:

…she kept it more gangsta then some of the dudes i know!!! Lol. i watched this video 100 times… HOW COULD U NOT LOVE HER!!?

Jennifer Wiggins says:

I keep sharing this video. This baby is Awesome. She was serious about that thing! 

Chaya Peterson says:

this little girl is my life omg

Candi Cane says:

Walked off like a BOSS!

Candi Cane says:

I finally found this vid! I wish it was longer….

Makayla Collins says:

GS9 Girl goes so hard!!! (bobby shmurda):

Cartoon Addict says:

Hmm its ok but i was really expecting her to do the real shmoney dance cause if she did im tweeting people on my twitter to like this video

Marthella Byrd says:

GS9 Girl goes so hard!!! (bobby shmurda):

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