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Husky confused by PUPPIES

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Steel the husky reacts to a viral puppies video and that head tilt is the cutest. Nothing cuter than puppies and a husky reacting to them.

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Cannon Kruk says:

No scent. That's what confuses, if not downright upsets, him. When dogs can't match scent with clear visuals and sounds in a way natural to their instincts, such disorientation can cause anxiety. Especially with intelligent dogs like huskies.

Steel's like, "I can't handle this! Show me Iggy Azalea videos instead."

Jason Escobar says:

i find it so cute with steel just turning his head from side to side 🙂

dreindenver says:

Dogs are so awesome! Your dog is too cool – he is quite the character.

aron Chiquito says:

I was watching this video with my dog on my room and he just started barking,head tilting, and crying.

Alexis Lopez says:

that dog's like, "How'd they get in there, ese?"

Jonny Woo says:

my dog goes crazy whenever she hears or sees a dog but if it's on TV or Yt she's like "this is so fake…"

Horror Readings by G.M. Danielson says:

Aww! Steele is perplexed! He didn't know big buddies start as little buddies!

italianaPioggia says:

In love with Steel!!!! Too freaking precious.

Sameer Adil says:

and your dog is cute

Sameer Adil says:

Joey please reply to me and put me in one in you videos I would appreciate that I liked your video and subscribed

Laura Vogel says:

This video made my dog lose her shit! She was running around looking for the puppies, and when I showed her the screen she did a lot of what Steel is doing! (Minus howling, as she is a terrier/chihuahua).

Paige Elizabeth says:

My bernadoodle, (half Bernese mountain dog and half standard poodle), Paisley, howled at Steel howling. lol. Dogs are so cute, huh? I personally would love to see more videos like a certain vine you did awhile back. It was the one where Steel was caught watching dog porn. Not specifically that idea, but the idea of Steel doing human actions and acting like a person. It was so hilarious. Or it would be cool to see vlogs of you and Steel going on adventures! I don't know if the weather hinders that, it being so hot for Steel to be outside that long. But, i think you and Steel going on adventures, a guy and his pup, would be a great vid idea. I'd watch it.

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