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Jordan’s Christmas Surprise

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forbiddenmarch says:

i could see in his face that he was very appreciative and happy to get the truck. watching his reaction feels different from other teens that react more like, "FINALLY," or "You better had got me a car!" he seems sweet and i'm glad you were able to get that for him! 🙂

pcally1 says:

the guy just woke up. haha you can tell he was happy by the way his face lit up as soon as he saw it. I could definitely tell the difference between spoiled brats who get everything they want and people like him who actually EARN it. It wasn't exactly the newest model, but it still brought a smile to his face and that should tell everyone he isn't spoiled. Nice truck 🙂

Acilino Jefferson says:

It has a cd player. Hahahaha

Epic_Viper says:

i have the radi that makes the same sound when i turn my car off is it a sony maybe?

NikkiDiamond says:

Epic faces! I love his reactions 😀

taylork says:

This is really random…But I just got a car for my 16th birthday..& I play golf! lol

dirtybirdnumber2 says:

go braves!!!!

james wilson says:

You can tell he's happy.

icyshadow67 says:

Nice truck!!! its a perfect size too. it doesnt guzzle gas.

icyshadow67 says:

he's a hard working person that really deserved it. you can tell by the way he looks at it. he isnt 1 of the "kids" that get a brand new BMW. he does smile a lot in the video. he is just a little bit shy or quite.

LilBear says:

Most of the videos that show people getting a car for their birthday are usually bare foot 0_o

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