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Kinsey’s Corner: Viral Dance Craze

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Kinsey is showing the Good Day crew a new dance craze inspired by a South Korean boy band.


katherin *-* BTS says:

amazing ♥ EXO EXO

UserX-1099 says:

oh CRINGE… at least show the part of the MV where EXO dance that part… they just won't ever show actual KPOP on TV. It's like a faux pas.

801 Everything says:

Did she really just say E.X.O, but at least their getting coverge

WhenTaehyungGetsDrunk says:

E X O the NORTH KOREAN boy band Is my favourite of all time XDDD ;))))

Sarah Hachman says:

This was just messy omg

infires man says:

north korean?

Александра Индина says:

3) "EXO" spelled in one word, not E-X-O.

Fatimah Abo-meyh says:

Exo they are the best and alos exol<name the fandom

BLΛƆKis_the_newPIИK says:

North Korean? Are they really being fucking serious?

Melissa Palmer says:

Sacramento! That's my city! Yes, she screwed up their name and "North" Korea, and she should have played more of the song, especially when Kai is in front actually doing the "down, down, baby" move, but the fact that ANYONE in the USA media actually acknowledged EXO is a big thing, and maybe, just maybe, the band will get a few more American fans with this kind of exposure!

ιllυмιno says:

As someone who lives near Sacramento, I feel weirded out

stan astro y'all says:

what is this mess

nina koko says:

It's not a #kokobopchallenge if u don't have sehun singing it's a party go go

Infires Bishes says:

E-X-O…. i cringed during this whole entire video

Inappropriate K-Pop Mum says:

Please credit @resey.dc (insta) as she invented the challenge and Kaotsuns Cover Dance Crew on youtube as they are the crew in the video 🙂 But thanks for posting this. I'll show the crew!!

Shireen Deen says:

these americans are so clueless. the mention is cute but not very entertaining. And I expected at least a 1 direction mention when talking about put together band. And do some proper research on the dance before you mention it. Its not "and the joke is" It never started out as a joke but as a promotion for the song. Typical A——–

Empress EXO-L says:

EXO = KINGS! ^_^

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