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Lily’s Christmas surprise

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We surprised our 6 year old with tickets to Justin Bieber for Christmas.


frank morgan says:

Box's inside box's

Marrae Martin says:

to many boxes

Princess Divs says:

They are being ruf with the box

Isabella Schneider says:

Justin Bieber? Why Not George Straight?

Jessica Negron says:

is that from JB and why are there too many boxes

Taliyahplays Taliyah says:

A pupy is wayyy better

IP Equestrian says:

Lol spoilt much

Ship_Kawaii Chan Oueen says:

dose she like Justin Bieber or what??? XD I'm 2 years late on this vid

Flambo99 Boss says:

It is not beaver it is bieber

Sabrina Schütze says:

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Sabrina Schütze says:

Ich habe hdhgu

Mlp Rainbow Sakura says:

The girl was like Are you kidding me? How many boxes were inside in one giant box? XD

lulu lizzard says:

Go to 10 mins 30 seconds to see her get the tickets. The rest is boring as heck!!

EllaMae Turknettt says:

I'm wachingin 2016

Liesel Sarauer says:

she's a rude child

Roman Reigns says:

when she flipped the box …i thought…oh that poor puppy or snake

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