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Little Big Shots Philippines: Jenny Mae | 8-year-old Biritera

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Little Big Shots (PH) is the Philippine adaptation of the hit TV show Little Big Shots (US) created by Ellen DeGeneres and hosted by Steve Harvey. It is a showcase of cute and talented kids from all over the Philippines and around the world. Viewers can get to know these kids as they engage in funny chats and interviews with host Billy Crawford.

Viewers can expect to see kids who are gifted in their chosen hobby or craft ranging from skateboarding, archery, motor bike stunts, race car driving to expertise in subjects like Mathematics, Geography, Chemistry, Biology and heart stopping acts like acrobatics, high flying cheer dancing and fire dancing. Little Big Shots will also guest kids who have gone viral in the Internet with unique personalities and skills that will surely leave the audience in awe.

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Bhebie Abby says:

beriterA dn oh mahilig pa nmn dyan c Sarah G.

Bea Hernandez says:

I love it!!!!

Johnblade Cruz says:

Ang galing naman the best to

Queen Andrea says:

oo ang galing nang bata ..

Judith Avergonzado says:

galing ni bebe oooh

Ivy Andrea says:

Wow!! ur the best galing mong bata ka san ka nag mana….

Dhon Cipriano says:

Sali Kang pgt

Hope Matsukawa says:

Galing niya sobra

Nick Reynoso says:

Wow as in wow na wow 🙂 ! Ow my G… what a nice voice 🙂 !

Joevert Reyes says:

Dapat ganyan ako

Joevert Reyes says:

Any galing talaga

rica dosal says:

Wow galing 8 yrs old Lang siya matured Ang boses

Janet Diaz says:

Amazing baby girl!

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