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Mad dog growling La La La La

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This is the funniest mad dog in existence 🙂


MegaBojan1993 says:

The famous La La dog now has a songified La – Laaa in my latest video 🙂

CargoPlaneJumboJet495 says:


gemwolf36 says:

wtf is this XD

Keila Solorio says:

Did you know la in French means die? XD

AK-47 AR-15 says:

Can I buy your dog?

ken adams says:

Rarely laugh out loud at a video….this one got me

Lloyd Nix says:

Sounds like DashieXP.

JoaoGames 2004 says:

Best video ever

Σpic Fat Nerdz says:

Yaaa yaaa ya ya ya

Littlehorse says:

So unsettling

Allicoco900 says:

Sure the noise the dog makes is funny, but doing making the dog scared and growling just for amusment is cruel

Beatrice Rudzeviciute says:

La la, la la la, lalalaa

Claw says:

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