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Marlee’s Early Christmas Surprise!

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Marlee has been asking me for her very own kitten for weeks. That is the only thing she put on her Christmas list this year. Marlee named her Bananas 🙂


Laura Jones says:

Omg I’ve watched u so eve like 2013 when she was a tiny baby omg she’s so so so big now xx

Maliyahrh Love says:

OMG she’s so big now I remember watching her when she was a baby now she’s a big girl aw but she’s so so so so so cute now and then This is the first video I watch with her being a big girl now aaaawww

Leesa Frankforter says:

She is ADORABLE! The last time I saw her she was an edie bitty baby. Does she still have acid reflexes?

rachelshead Daniel30 says:

Love you guys and gals the Kitt

Penguin Star says:

I just watched her newborn video.She had grown sooo much!

Shayla Jaye says:

“ your pretty”

AnimeSlayer says:

Wow she had gotten big I remeber when she was a baby

Jessica Feldman says:

I cannot believe how big Marlee is now my goodness and so gorgeous!!!!!

luna miles says:

I love her the cat name should be Daisy

BKB Production says:

Awww I have kittty too

Roniya Tinnon says:

Omg she is so grown but she's adorable

galaxy games- Roblox,unicorns and more!!! says:

I just watched the video marlee when she was a baby. Oh how she has grown from cute to cuter

ashley msp rares says:

omg she said she pretty

David Charlebois says:

Ya so have i

Leys S says:

I just watched a video where she was baby and now she is so big! your videos make me happy, you’re a good mommy ❤️

Lily Haboush says:

I remember right before she was born and now she's older than 4

Teresa Benson says:

Kaitlyn, I know you've been through a lot but I think it's important that you know that you are doing a wonderful job raising Marlee!

Marlee V. says:

It always feels cool when I see other people with my name, spelled the same, especially because my mom made it up. Her name is Mary Lee and my name is Mary Lee without the Y.

TheWolfspirit22 says:

Omg the mewing! I'm dying of cuteness!

Riley Hommel says:

Marlene were so adorable I’ve got a cat to I love cats

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