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Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega)

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Muzyka pochodzi z katalogów X-Ray Dog, Kosinus i West One Music.


SA Wardega says:

Wow….. 62 mln views? Really guys? Thaaaaaaaaaank you so much! Do you want second part of Spider Dog?
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ximon 999 says:

ClickBait 100%

ARK Dumb asses Bubblez says:

That's some funny ass shit

TheGreatOnez says:

This Video is creepy even though it's just a dog in a spider suit chasing people STILL!

D Silva says:

iT'S REAL! My aunt seen it herself!

Gökay Çakmak says:

Bana böyle bi şaka yapıldıhını düşünemiyorum

Roman Maślanka says:

Jesteś świetny

PePe says:

Mają rozmach skurwisyny 🙂

scruffy says:

resident evil

Jack Lunacy says:

Che prro c mamo. xD

Anybody Seen Richie? says:

At first I thought it was Hillary Clinton.
You really have to look closely!

WaterFlame957 says:

Where can I get a spider suit for my doggie?

Karina Ogonowska says:

dała bym TB nie skończoność łapek w gure

gate crasher says:

this is one spider I wouldn't mind running around my house. adorable thing

EveryDayLife4you #EDL4Y says:

Lol those people were too easy

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