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New Puppy Surprise!!

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Meet Bentley…..We surprised our kids with a Yorkie puppy for Valentines day. They were playing “Just Dance” on the TV….and my husband, who was completely against getting a puppy, conceded, and sat behind them with it. They were very surprised, especially, Emma, who had been begging us to replace her Yorkie for years.


Jose J says:


Jaganath Maharajan says:

This is Awesome such a Great Family!!! 🙂

Ayin Smith says:

You guys did a good job caring for them.

WaterTypeWolf says:

make more videos! i love this video sooo much!!!!

byunwu liu says:

golden age….

tha gamer boy 720 says:

I I'm getting a new dog tomorrow

Ashwarrea B says:

they are playing just dance

ItzGlitch says:

Quick distract the kids from just dance of the parents can play

alli shillito says:

your kids were so suprised!!

Jen Guzman says:

l like your puppy it is os os os cute

Wurmo says:

Poor dad and son, having to deal with all them girls.

Angel Rose says:

Toooooooooooooooooo cute

Mary Thompson says:

This was the Sweetest family scene I have ever seen!! Dad has natural affection for his children!! Not seen much anymore!!!

wolfiy law says:

that dog does not look like a yorkie are u shire it is

noname305 its me says:

um is anyone else worried about the future on the little boy.

Sammy Gent says:

What lovely kids.

Objective Viewer says:

dance party puppy

JabberCT says:

Nice family, great reactions, and a lucky dog.

Wonders of this world NEHA says:

is this is night for u now

Wonders of this world NEHA says:

which country is this plz tell

Sanzher Harsha says:

They're reaction is worth as a million dollars

Hobbit Fan86 says:

Wow! Dropping a video game for a puppy!

Louis Braille says:

now that life awesome hope for the best your all y deserve for showing love!!!


I just got a dog to he's JUST BORN

Pheonix 68900 says:

The kids are playing yust dance 4 right

Tp Varte says:

it was so cute when the lil boy hugged his sister☺

Anas Nababan says:

What a happy and beautiful family! May Lord Jesus bless you all.

Lockon Stratos says:

This has the most views of any animal surprise, unless you know of others

Stevonnie Universe says:

Lol they were doing just dance better than I can

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