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Our chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy Roxy’s first time out in the snow. Filmed 10/29/11.


Paws 3290 says:

your chocolate LSB is now white chocolate XD

Catherine Gsell says:

I remember that snow day! I'm guessing 4-5 years ago in NJ area. I remember it well. Great pup

ray bon says:

Don't mistaken yawning for dis interest. I'm pretty sure it's connected to content submission .

Jamesthe1 Στ {[SigmaTau Entertainment]} says:

Once our dog saw snow, he didn't stop to sniff. He frolicked around in the snow and dug his nose into it. Happy to see this.

coeruleo says:

wet slushy mess

TheCrazydiamond10 says:

That is not snow, !

Amber Farlow says:

I have a question for you should my family get a lab or a golden retreiver with would u suggest. Awesome vid roxy is adorable did she play all day in the snow

Player One says:

its a snow u idiot xD

Matt Price says:

Snow storm?

nadiiStar says:

very nice video … friendly and sweet dog 😀

i like usher Msp says:

XD I think Roxy smelled pee XD

Thatcher Pavek says:

My family is getting a chocolate lab and do u feed rocky at certain times of the day or can she eat whenever she wants

William Hawkes says:

how wonderful to see a dog thats not over weight! Dogs should ahve a waistline and yours does…. Roxy looks fantastic! Well done!

Elizabeth Greenhalgh says:

This is so cute!! The snow looks so pretty – I've never seen snow!! She is a lovely dog 🙂

Donald Long says:

how much did it cost for the dog

Emma Berglund says:

How old is she? (was)

lexig2004 says:

Awww. I have a lab/ shepherd mix her name is Roxie she turned 7months old today. She is my heart.

BlazesFilms says:

Do LABS Shed like A LOT because my family is planing to get one?

Olivia Dean says:

she is adorable and by the way I love chocolate labadors

Bethany Robinson says:

Aha! My bday is october 29th!

Su Leigh says:

so, exactly in what part of heaven is this?

Eden Crook says:

She's like, I'm not playing with that, it's covered in snow?

Gisele Ortega says:

all grown up

Cherie King says:

My mom's dogs only knew as puppy's snow so when it started to melt they chase piles in the yard to pee on.

Antyriku2 says:

she sure did grow from the last video I saw her you guys are doing your job just perfectly also how do you find these people who giving away pup's

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