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Our Full Wedding Video | #DekuWedding2016

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Only Available To View On Desktop Site NOT Mobile Site

Visit YouTube on your internet browser (safari etc). In the top right clip menu bar (the 3 dots), select ‘desktop’. Go to our YouTube channel. You can now view the video.

Best viewed on laptop/desktop NOT via the YouTube app

Hope you enjoy, regardless!

Anna’s Insagram: https://www.instagram.com/annadeku/
Anna’s Snapchat: AnnaDeku

Gabriel’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gabesdeku/

Contact us @ gabesandanna@gmail.com
Here are all of the songs that were played within our wedding video:
1. Tony Anderson – Dreamlife
2. Mali Music – Beautiful
3. Hillsong – Hosanna
4. Todd Deluney – The Anthem
5. Tony Anderson – Journey
6. Benj Heard – Breath Like This, Cinematic
7. Double Double – My God Is Good, Remix
8. Balmorhea – San Solomon
9. Katie Herzig – Best Day of Your Life
10. Tony Anderson – Grace
11. Lights Motion – The Spectacular Quiet

Our Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Planner and co-ordinator: SD Weddings MGT

Videographer: De Rienzo Films

Photographer: Adedayo Deru Photography

Food: Favour Catering

Reception Decorations: Elegance Décor


Brides Hair: Avos Hair

Brides Make-Up: Esther Hadassah

Bridesmaids Make-up: J. Annan Beauty

Bridesmaids Hair: Rachel Arike

Photo Booth UK

Singers singing Anna down the isle:


kimbeerly92 says:

Hands Down Best Wedding Video I'Ve Seen. So Beautiful.

kirkann spence says:

soooooooo Beautiful

mahogany_beautee says:

The full vid…yes!!!!

Caroline Swai says:

This guys just gave me hope to wait for the man God has chosen for me. The song playing at 37:18 made me wonder if this couple is originally from Tanzania

Mabintu Kanu says:

Absolutely Beautiful!

Mercy Rose says:

Watching in 2017 and yes this is true celebration of God's love.
A very beautiful wedding, beautiful couple ,beautiful people…God bless your marriage.

Omo 're Bi'yan says:

wow! God bless your union 🙂

Drea Phillips says:

This video made my day! My god this is beautiful!

CoilyCrownedSista says:

Soo beautifully blessed. Tears flowing as I watch him cry about what God has done by bringing them together. God is so good! Stay blessed.

Rachel Mac says:

I recently came across this video while researching for my own wedding, and I just keep coming back to it because it's so beautifully done and fun to watch <3

Saeeda Wright says:

This video was EVERYTHING!!! I am so excited for your journey. I see you are celebrating a successful first year of marriage and I pray for many more. God bless you both.

yettytube says:

the most beautiful wedding i have seen

Serendipity989 says:

I always wonder how it seems like your average everyday couple is able to afford such lavish weddings?

Lia Wallace says:

In tears!! So happy for you all 😀

chawanangwa Balawe says:

nothing but beauty and God's grace. i love this a million times

Safiya Brown says:

I have not seen a more beautiful union showing a mere glimpse of the Love of Christ towards His Bride, the Church. I am so glad that I got to see some of your post-wedding videos first.

I laughed. I teared up. I worshiped. I danced. And prayed…for you for this marriage.

The 2 most memorable notes that I truly believe will symbolize your journey together:
– Annabel, Gabe won't allow you to get dusty (The water of Word right there!)
– Gabe's childhood dreams are now possible because of Annabel as his wife (Jah-Jah's tailor-made help mate right there!)

I am just BLESSED to bits watching this video.

And a message to the videographer…Yu done di ting! (Jamaican style). Great respect and wonderment! I hope you're still doing videos…keep honing your God-given gift! And please, if you are available, share a link.

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