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Welcome to Who Is Jesus channel! First of all, you may Bookmark this Video so you can easily come back and watch anytime. If you are so Happy that God has Touched your Heart & [More]
Top viral funny videos april 2015 TOP 5 weekly chart of the top viral funny videos april 2015 BaranBro # 4 Видео приколы 2015 Еженедельная подборка приколов…
HOT HOT HOT: Best place in vietnam, Best places to go in vietnam, Dong Van Ha Giang VietNam The initial stage in million of years of the ancient ocean has made a grandiose…
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Rachel Fredrickson won the latest season of The Biggest Loser after losing nearly 60 percent of her body weight for the $250,000 prize, but now Internet trolls are criticizing her for losing too much weight. [More]
India Edmonds, now 17, said that at age 14 she developed anorexia. She said she’d always felt uncomfortable about her weight because she used to be bullied by her classmates for having short chubby legs. [More]
Catherine Cando, a 19-year-old medical student from Ecuador, died after a supposedly routine liposuction procedure last week. Ms. Cando was the winner of her local beauty contest and although she won, judges told her that [More]
Meet Amber, a 24-year old woman from Oregon who will feature in an episode of TLC’s TV series “My 600 pound life,” which will air in January next year. It was during college that Amber’s [More]
Dennis the dachshund was fed White Castle hamburgers and pizzas until he reached roughly the weight of four or five dachshunds. In fact, his owner didn’t care too much about what Dennis ended up putting [More]
Unhappy With Josie Rizal In Tekken 7? Watch these Pinoy Tekken memes created by Melvin Tordecilla and Cudz Productions that have gone viral.
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A dog walks a boy, fish fly out of a lake and a child’s tearful goodbye to a pet. Karen Koh shows us three videos that went viral last week. Copyright 2015, Dow Jones & [More]
‘The Real Meaning of MPH’ Video Goes Viral: Chelsea Chambers Interview – Husband In the Dog House?
VIRAL DOG vs. BASIL! Cute puppies vs. plants that don’t fetch or play ball. Basil may be inferior to dogs, but it’s great on pizza, pasta or in a Lord Karnage sandwich!  Stop your dog [More]
VIRAL DOG vs. THE SUN. It’s a cute dog vs. a star! Who wins? The sun makes people hot and sweaty. The dog is furry and likeable. The sun will burn you if you touch [More]
VIRAL DOG! The dog is INSANE! Look at the puppy dog, look at the pretty flowers, look at the kittens and cats (they’re invisible). This viral video features a puppy dog (singular of cute puppies…
Watch youtube newbies attempt to go pro on tricycles. You haven’t seen anything this this before! Watch… and maybe learn?
As a taxi driver in Dundalk, Ireland, Mark Kavanagh is always up for a bit of fun with his customers. His videos of taxi conversations have gained a big following on Facebook, far beyond the [More]
The worldwide popularity of the hit reality TV show ‘The Voice’ continues to grow. In Lebanon, 23-year-old Iraqi singer Sattar Sa’ad was crowned this year’s ‘Voice Arabia’ winner, now in its second season. Sa’ad walked [More]
While most of us struggle to voice one clear, distinct note, polyphonic overtone singer Anna-Maria Hefele can sing two at once, and move them around in separate scales. The technique, also…
Long Island girl turned viral singer Jenna Rose talks about her first single “My Jeans” going viral following Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and her second single “O.M.G.” More at