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PAINLESS WAXING??!!! Viral wax beads review ft. STARPIL

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Yvette Arnold says:

Thanks for sharing

SocaMusicLova1 says:

I've had this in my Amazon cart for MONTHS. My cheap self sits and think about things before I spend but now I'm definitely buying. I usually never let YouTube influence my buys but because I know you Queeni to be VERY REAL I'm going to give in .

fulloflife9 says:

Thanks so much. I love it

Terry Lapper says:

I wanted to see u do the upper lip

Samantha Braun says:

Did you use the polymer blend or the original?

Austin Fleming says:

how did I get here

Bx Chiquita says:

Where can I get this?

Faces by DeeNicole says:

Wowwww!! Niiice….. might just get this especially for my upper lip.

NaturalNeiicey says:


Ariana Cruz says:

This was so satisfying to watch lol

Shewquet taylor says:

Great video great info

Sweetnesz02 says:

Sucks they don't ship to Canada ☹️

TheJazzie6 says:

LOL!! Queenii you think we can do down town LOL!! girl ha!!ha.

Briana Ruiz says:

Interesting. I was thinking of buying painless wax but I have coarser hair. I am not afraid to wax. This video was very informative thank you Queenii

Caitlyn Kreklewich says:

I've been wanting to get this

J.Camille says:

How are these for bikini area?? I tried a Brazilian once and it hurt so bad my head started hurting and I had to go take a nap. Not to mention the lady didn't even get all my hair. Butttt it lasted long. So I want the results but pain free lol

Jamie Jean-Louis says:

Is it also painless when doing a Brazilian wax?

Tamika Jones says:

go babygirl.

Sanise Masson says:

Ok great!!! I was very skeptical about buying this!! But now that my darling Queenii demo this product… it's a go for me to get!! Thanks Queenii!!!!!

Atomic Peach says:

I use the cirepil blue wax and it's great

Cassandra batista says:

Never seen painless waxing I have tried honey and sugar with lemons juice n that was pretty painful tried that whole tweezing the hole body painful n takes mad time ur videos are very helpful especially for me someone whom doesn't speak to anyone much watch television nor really have patience to even read what's in stores n commercials on YouTube lol so ur videos are so helpful to me thank u so much:)

tigress lily says:

Great demonstration….did they give you a coupon code?

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